Partners: City of Hinesville, Ga; Georgia EPD; Simonton Engineering; Georgia Power Foundations

Key researchers: Scott Pippin, Brian Bledsoe, Jon Calabria, Jess Brown

Project description: As part of the Hinesville’s downtown redevelopment efforts, we are facilitating the installation of nature-base stormwater infrastructure elements in the city’s central downtown park.  This project will evaluate the success and performance of this installation as both a water quality and social amenity, and it will initiate a public environmental education campaign around NNBF based around citizen water quality monitoring. 

Project goal: Improve stormwater management in downtown Hinesville.  Innovate monitoring practices for these types or projects.  Increase public awareness and acceptance of NNBF.

Project status/outcomes: Park construction is underway.  Education and outreach efforts will begin in August.