Partners: Camden County, GA; Cities of St. Marys, Woodbine, and Kingsland; Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, The Nature Conservancy, and Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood

Key researchers: Scott Pippin, Shana Jones                         

Project description: We are working with TNC and GMC to develop a community drive workplan identifying NNBF solutions to present and future flooding and erosion vulnerabilities affecting Camden County, Georgia, the cities located in it, and Kings Bay NSB.

Project goal: Create an inventory a NNBF projects that are presently needed to improve community resilience and protect the military mission of Kings Bay NSB that a readily fundable and that can be included in state and federal funding opportunities.

Project status/outcomes:  We have convened a committee of local stakeholder to direct this project, and we have begun to collect data and input from other local experts with knowledge of local flooding issues.